Ziigmund wins $1 million on 7-Game and PLO

Ziigmund totally crushed the 7-game yesterday in which most of his winnings came from David Benyamine, who´s bad luck never seemes to turn around.
Along with the $816k from 7-game, Ziigmund also took down Phil Ivey for $200k in PLO HU.

Here are some of the biggest PLO and NLHE hands:

Ziigmund flops two pair which stands against Benyamines Aces, $187k pot
Ziigmund has two pair once again and is up against Benyamines wrap draw, $191k pot
Ziigmund and Benyamine is all-in preflop, $247k pot

In his most recent blog post Ziigmund says that he has gotten his feeling back for poker. We surely hope that´s the case since a Ziigmund 'in a good feeling for poker' is a really nice boost to the action.

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