David Benyamine wins $374

David Benyamine have been giving us alot of nice action on the Texas NL tables this month. He started the month with a very nice +$300k session but then he dropped down after loosing some large $200/400 sessions.

But David Benyamine is probably very used to the large swings and always seems to handle them very good, and yesterday he won about $202k in the sessions we monitored 

Both players hit top pair but kickerproblems for YRWTHMELTHR, $137k pot
Overpair vs open straight draw, $140k pot

And like always he was doing very well on yesterdays Omaha High PL session, we monitored him in 6 sessions and his profit was +$172k:

Ziigmund flopped the nuts but David had a nice drawing hand, $102k pot

His total profit yesterday was $374k, what do you think, will he reach a new million this month? ;)

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