The calm before the storm?

Thursday was another quiet day at the online high stakes tables. Though the money changing hands can hardly be called insignificant, it was not the swings we have been accustomed to seeing lately. Maybe they are all getting ready to make a big splash this weekend? Only time will tell.

In the hold’em section ‘AAAction’ and ’luvtheWNBA’ played just under 900 hands of $50/100 and $100/200 heads up NLHE in an evenly fought match that ‘AAAction’ ended up carding a $31 000 win, which comes out to 0,03 big blinds per hand, illustrating how close the match was. Those 900 hands was actually more than 90% of the hold’em hands being played, so it is not stretch to say that the action was subdued.

As usual, there was more fireworks at the PLO tables. ‘Ziigmund’ and Gus Hansen had a 58 second session (I am not joking), where ‘Ziigmund’ won $60 000 in literary a few heart beats. In the first hand, Hansen makes the re-raise with his Kings before the flop, and is then pot commited after he makes the continuation bet on the flop. Even if he just has an underpair and a gut-shot draw, he has a EV of 33% against ‘Ziigmund’s hand,. So having made the flop bet, he has to make the all-in call as well. Hansen doesn’t hit anything on the last two cards, so ‘Ziigmund’ takes down the pot.

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The second hand smells a little bit of tilt from Hansen, though his hand will usually play quite well against most hands heads-up. This time, ‘Ziigmund’s hand covers Hansen’s potential flush as well as a lot of his straight draws, so this time ‘Ziigmund’s hand was about a 2-1 favourite, and in it also held up. After this, Hansen found that this was not the start he wanted to this match, so he took a break from the action.

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The biggest winner of the day was ‘trex313’ with a total of $129 717 over 466 hands of $200/$400 and $300/$600 PLO. He won most of it from Gus Hansen, ‘LarsLuzak’ and ‘KObyTAPOUT’ in a two and a half hour session of $300/$600. He was also on the winning end of the second largest pot of the day. The action before the flop was wild, and even though none of the players found a flop to their liking, they were too committed to get away from their hands. ‘trex313’ was basically forced to making a continuation bet, and ‘KObyTAPOUT’ figured to have enough outs to justify the call, so he went along as well. He was probably surprised to see that he was ahead at the time, but the turn left him with very few winners and the river, unfortunately for him, did not change the outcome, and a mere pair of nines gave ‘trex313’ this pot.

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A pair of nines would not be sufficient to take down the largest pot of the day, however, and this time ‘KObyTAPOUT’ got his revenge and ‘LarsLuzak’ was the victim. Both players hit the flop hard, and though you are always happy to flop a full house, ‘KObyTAPOUT’ was not even a 3-2 favourite to win the hand after the flop. Unlike the previous hand, though, his hand held up and he could see that luck has a way to even out in the long run.

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A final note.

We have linked the hands to today because we are working on some technical issues. We are confident we will have them sorted shortly.

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