Isildur1 takes on the top players

This weekend, we saw a new player wanting to see how he measured up against the best high stakes players online. His nick is ‘Isildur1’ and apparently he is playing out of Sweden. His style can only be described as hyper aggressive, but from the first results we have seen, it might seem that he is too aggressive. It is not easy to run over the opposition at these tables, so in a 24 hour period and almost 4000 (!) hands, he finds himself down $513K in total for his No-Limit sessions. However, on the 22nd of October he had a very good PLO $100/200 session where he won around $400K against Haseeb Qureshi. A report about that session will be out soon

Isildur1’s triple barrel bluff does not scare off Brian Hastings who takes a $181K pot.

In the largest pot of the day, both players flopped a gut shot draw with Hastings maintaining the lead in the hand, but with Isildur1 putting the pressure on his opponent. Hastings call of the check raise on the flop is fairly standard since his opponents range can be quite wide at this point. The call on the turn is a bit harder, and it would have been interesting to see what Hastings would have dine against a player like Antonius, for example. When he hits the ace on the river, I am sure it did not take him very long to call, considering the aggressive nature of his opponent.

There is a time and a place to try a big bluff, but I think the bet on the end here was ill advised. Given the action on the previous streets, it is very difficult to picture a hand that Hastings could hold that he would fold on this board. The pot is $74K after the turn, and the bet on the river is $53K which means that the bluff needs to be successful 42% of the time in order to be successful. I am sure that this is not the case here.

Antonius makes a hero call on the river against Isildur1 to win a $92K pot

No need to comment this pot too much as I have made most of my argument in relation to Isildur1’s aggressiveness in the paragraphs above. This hand merely illustrates why you shouldn’t make too many bluffs when you have a wild table image. You will get called down like this too often.

Brian Hastings flops a set against Isildur1’s top pair and wins a $155K pot.

In this, the second largest pot of the day, you will see that Isildur1 also was the victim of a cooler that contributed to his poor NLHE result. The thing about his table image here is that it works both ways. When Isildur1 is raised all in on the turn, there is no way he will fold top pair, since he knows that his hand is toward the top of the range that his opponent is putting him on. This time, getting 3.5 to 1 on a call, there is really no way for him to avoid getting his money in.


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