Dwan stretches his lead over Antonius in the Challenge

Durrrr aka Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius resumed their Challenge yesterday, and put in their most substantial session in a while, exceeding 2000 hands over about eight hours play. Having started the day ahead, Dwan managed to add almost $82K to his lead, making him a $779K winner after just over 27 000 hands.

Antonius flops the nut straight, but Dwan’s draws make him a slight favourite and hitting a full house on the river nets him a $294K pot.

The result of the session could easily have been different had the cards fallen Antonius’ way on this hand. After the flop, when the money went in, it was as close to being a coin flip as you will find in this game. Dwan’s top two pair and flush draw was a 52% favourite over Antonius’ made straight, and this time, it was more than Antonius could fade. A bit of a cooler for Antonius since he had little choice but sticking the money in on this hand.

Antonius turns top two only to find himself up against Dwan’s flopped set. $193K pot.

This hand was a bit more interesting from a play perspective. After the regular jostling before the flop, Dwan flopped top set and decided to bet out without waiting for his opponents continuation bet. Antonius, who at his point only held top pair, decided to take one card off to see what happened. I doubt that Antonius was under any illusions that his hand was good, but was probably thinking he was drawing live and maybe he saw a chance to use his position to steal the pot at a later street.

If Dwan was to pick a card to come of the turn, I think the jack of spades would be quite high on the list. Not only does it give Antonius top two pairs, it also puts potential straight and flush draws out there. The significance of this is that it from Antonius perspective widens Dwan’s range considerabley when he considers calling the all in check raise. The line Dwan takes on this hand indicates a very strong hand, but he could also be trying a move with a drawing hand. Antonius is getting 7-3 on the call in this spot, and with his hand it is difficult to give up the pot at this price.

Both players hold Aces, but Dwan makes a straight on the river to steal the $189K pot.

That Antonius was not running particularly well in this session can be seen clearly on this hand. Naturally, with both players holding aces, all the money go in before the flop, and Antonius has a small edge in equity with 50,4%. And though the order of the cards are irrelevant when the players are all in and the cards are flipped over, I am sure Antonius felt quite gutted when he flopped three nines only to see Dwan overtake him with a runner runner straight. Not that it is relevant, but Antonius was a 19-1 favourite on the flop, so it was not his luckiest moment, to put it mildly.


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