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Since Full Tilt introduced the ‘Run it twice’ functionality, we had some trouble assembling the correct result because of the new format of the hand histories in the hands that are affected by this functionality. We have now been able to make a workaround that helps us parse these new hand histories, so we should be able to post the correct results from now on. On the right, you can see the total results from the PLO and NLHE games.

Surprisingly to me, the functionality does not seem to be very popular amongst the top players, at least not in the PLO and NLHE games that I have searched through. I say surprisingly since running it twice seems quite commonplace when you watch shows like ‘High Stakes Poker’ and the like. David Benyamine and POKERBLUFFS has been involved in a couple of hold’em hands, but that’s about it.

Zveruga36 flops a set and a straight draw, but is left with only 25% of the pot after PostflopAction draws out on him twice.


Flop 1            Flop 2


This is the largest of the split pot we have on record, and it was a quite eventful one. Zveruga 36 has about 59% equity in the pot, and though he only came away with 25% of the total pot, at least he got more than he would have done without this new functionality. Of course, in the long run, it doesn’t matter if you run it once, twice or however many times you like. In the end, all the players will get the equity they deserve. What it does, is that it decreases the variance letting the players stay in the game for a longer time. This is also why Full Tilt has introduced this functionality, and I guarantee that they will give this options at the lower tables some time soon. The longer the players keep their money, the longer they will contribute rake for the poker site.


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