Isildur1 takes a 5M+ hit

The life of a high stakes poker player is nothing if not interesting. Win a fortune one day, lose it the next. For Isildur1 these past few weeks has certainly been a rollercoaster the like of which we have never seen before. And yesterday he again made some kind of history, losing a total of 5.3 million dollars to a wide range of players.


When there is blood in the water, the sharks show up in great numbers, and this was certainly the case during this period. The table to the right shows everyone who took on Isildur1, as well as their results against him. The usual suspects reign at the top of the list, but there was enough to go around for some of the others as well.


In total, Isildur1 has lost about $1.3M over the last six weeks, and when you consider that durrrr hast lost about five million dollars to him, you could say that the main thing that Isildur1 has done is to spread durrrr’s money around to the other players. The main beneficiary has been Phil Ivey, who won $2.7M, followed by Ziigmund and Patrik Antonius with $1.9M each, while Brian Townsend was also able to get away with a $1.7M win.

Isildur1 Graph

Isildur1 has played well over 130 000 hands in this period, so his total losses are well within the expected variance, but seeing the way he tanked over the last few days you have to think that there was some element of tilt involved. There will obviously be speculations as to whether he is bust or not a this point, and without giving an opinion on this, I will just say that his accumulated results now are only $100K better than at his low point in the beginning of November. And this only two and a half weeks after he reached the $6M plateau. The graph shows his accumulated winnings since October 23rd, when he first turned up at these stakes. It is a tale of peaks and valleys, so let’s hope for his sake that he is be able to make another comeback.

Isildur1 flops two pairs, but can’t fade Ziigmund’s big draw. $653K pot.

This was the largest pot played over the last few days. I don’t know about you, but these days, a $653K pot is not enough to even lift an eyebrow. A few weeks back, this pot would have been a significant event, but Isildur1 has brought the action to a whole new level.

The pot itself is following a path we have seen many times. One player hits two pairs or a set, while the other has too big of a draw to lay down the hand. This time it was Isildur1 who had the two pairs and when he also had the gut shot straight draw, there was no way he was laying down his hand.

On the other side was Ziigmund with his nut flush draw and a gut shot straight draw of his own. In addition, he could win the pot if he hit higher tow pairs, although he couldn’t be sure that two pairs would be enough in this spot. All in all, Ziigmund was a 55% favourite after the flop, so it was basically a coinflip at that point, and the spade on the turn all but sealed Isildur1’ fate this time.

Isildur1 gets his money in in a dominating position and takes a $535K pot from Ziigmund.

On this hand, Ziigmund was left regretting that he made a 4-bet before the flop. It is not so much that his hand was not worth a 4-bet, but when Isildur1 put in the 5th bet he was in deep trouble. On the flop, I am sure that Ziigmund felt he could be way behind, but the pot odds were too tempting for him at that point to give up the hand.

Could Ziigmund have gotten away from this one? After the flop here, he was a 17-3 underdog, so it is clear that he did not have sufficient pot odds in this particular hand. I did a quick search to see which hands Isildur1 had made 5-bets in the past, and I must say there were not many that didn’t contain aces or kings. From Ziigmund’s point of view, it is unlikely that Isildur1 holds kings since his own hand contains a king, and also since Isildur1 might slow play such a big hand in this spot. Of course, it is difficult to narrow an opponents’ range down to one particular hand, but I feel that if you are not going to muck Ziigmund’s hand here, he might as well move in preflop. At that point he was only a 3-2 underdog even though he looks dominated. Just calling must be with the intention of getting away from the hand if the flop is unfavorable, and it seems to me that this is the case here.

I will leave you with the three last pots on the top 5 list from these sessions:

Ziigmund turns two pairs to take down Isildur1’s aces. $516K pot.

Ziigmund makes some very nice calls on the turn and the river to catch Isildur1 bluffing. $486K pot.

Isildur1 induces a bluff from Ziigmund when he rivers a straight. $486K pot.

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