Gus Hansen wins $656K

Gus Hansen is off to a fast start to the year, and in yesterday’s seven game, he really got it going winning over $500K. Add to that $144K he won in PLO, and you can see that he has had himself some really nice wins. Phil Ivey was also back in action, picking up a quick $245K over the course of 123 hands, so he seems to be enjoying 2010 as well.

Antonius flops top set, but Brian Townsend rivers the flush to win a $384K pot.

We have a new leader in the largest pot of the year award, and it belongs to Brian Townsend. When the money went in on the flop, Antonius was a 7-3 favorite, but Townsend’s play made a lot of sense, so it was just one of those hands where the money is destined to go in on the flop.

Head’s up in these games it is standard play to make a continuation bet almost regardless what the flop is, and certainly with many lesser hands than Townsend’s in this pot. Antonius’ raise can be made on a wide range of hands, so Townsend’s re-raise is very understandable. Once Antonius shoves, Townsend is pot-committed and has to push the rest of his chips in the middle.

Obviously, Antonius’ hand was not what Townsend wanted to see when the cards were turned over, but the diamond on the turn probably lightened the mood some.

Both Cole South and Gus Hansen turns the nut straight, but Hansen rivers a flush for a $194K pot.

This was Gus Hansen’s largest win from these sessions, and it was a bit of a cooler for Cole South. Going into the hand, the two players had almost identical hands, but South’s pair of nines made him a significant favourite. On the flop, both players flopped identical straight draws, but Hansen had a flush draw to go with it.

It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Cole South had made a continuation bet here. My guess is that Hansen would have check raised and that South would have called that raise. Then, when the four comes on the turn, the money would go in, so it wouldn’t have made any difference anyway. After the turn, there was about a 4-1 chance that the pot would be split, but Hansen was free-rolling and this time it was his turn to cash in.


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