Has durrrr already won the durrrr challenge?

It has been a very tough 24 hours for Patrik Antonius. Not only has he lost more than a million dollars, but $342K of the losses came in the durrrr challenge. This brings his deficit there up to over $1.75M and durrrr to the brink of having decided this match with a third of the scheduled hands remaining.



If Antonius wants to turn this around, he needs to win about 105 dollars per hand on average, and considering that the big blind is 400 dollars, this is going to be very difficult. It is the equivalent of 13 big bets per 100 hands and over as many hands as we are talking about here, I would say that he needs to go on a near unprecedented rush to do so. It will be interesting to see what will happen from now. Antonius has been running horrible so far this year, and I can’t imagine that he will be very motivated to play a lot in a match that is basically already lost. I am not sure that he has the option of just conceding and pay durrrr the extra $500K, but it might not be such a horrible option for him. Forcing yourself to play in a match against an elite opponent when you are not motivated is not really a +EV proposition , so it might be best to just move on.


With all the action that took place last night, there were a number of interesting hands both in this match and outside of it. I will start with the largest pot of the day:


durrrr flops the nut straight and PixKim pays him off. $436K pot.


Sometimes the slowplay pays off and durrrr really got a lot of value when he flopped the straight on this hand. Unforrtunately, we cannot see what PixKim held here, but I don’t think it is unreasonable to think that he hit a set somewhere along the line.


If PixKim flopped a set, durrrr might have stacked him if he had made a raise immediately and we would have had the largest pot of the year, but that was impossible to know from the start. I am sure that he was happy with his loot as it were.


Durrrr and Antonius is all in before the flop and durrrr rivers a flush to win a $150K pot.


With durrrr holding AAT9 double suited and Antonius KKQQ it is not a surprise to see both players wanting to get their stacks in preflop. Durrrr is a 7-3 favorite, but the hand is really a bit of a cooler for Antonius, so getting himself in that hole is not a result of bad play. Of course, he probably had some hopes of winning the hand when the flop brought him top set, but that was just fate teasing him a bit. A deflating club on the river won the hand for durrrr and put another nail in Antonius coffin for the durrrr challenge.


Ziigmund wins $245K main pot in a wild hand.


Ziigmund turns two pairs to win $224K in a 4-way pot.


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