Isildur1 takes a million dollars from Ziigmund

The chips are really flying at the high stakes tables these days, and if you have been glued to your screens over the past few hours, you have been treated to an incredibly action packed match between Isildur1 and Ziigmund.



They started out playing 700 hands of $300/$600 PLO where Isildur came out a $710K winner. After that, Ziigmund accepted a challenge to go to $500/$1000, but didn’t fare much better. After another 345 hands, he had lost close to $330K, making his total loss for the match $1.04M. For most of us, that would give a whole new meaning to the expression ‘Monday blues’.


Isildur1 flops top set to crack Ziigmund’s aces. $423K pot


Ziigmund bluffs off a bunch of chips. $253K pot


Ziigmund’s two pairs are no match for Isildur1’s 17 wrap straight draw. $240K pot.


Both players flop top two, but Isildur1 breaks the tie with a straight on the river. $234K pot.


Ziigmund rivers a better straight than Isildur1 to won a $183K pot.


As I am writing this, Isildur1 is in a middle of a 6-table, $200/$400 NLHE match against ZeeJustin. We will get back to the result of that one later.


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