Ivey and Dwan’s million dollar vegetarian bet is now over

Five episodes have already aired in the new season of High Stakes Poker. In one of the episodes Tom "durrrr" Dwan made a million dollar vegetarian bet with Phil Ivey.



“I’m going to become a vegetarian for a year for a million dollars. I was thinking about doing it for a while, so this is kind of like an added incentive”, Ivey said to HSP’s cohost, Kara Scott.

At first Ivey was not too happy with the bet, but afterward, he was much more confident - “He thinks he’s stealing right now. He thinks I have no shot … He’ll learn the hard way.”

Well it turns out that the bet was too much for Mr. Ivey, as the bet is now already over. Ivey lasted about three weeks and according to Acemag.dk he paid $150K to Dwan to end the bet.

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Source: Acemag.dk


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