Alot of great Omaha PL action yesterday

The action continues on the Omaha High PL tables on Full Tilt Poker. Like we all know Gus Hansen has totally been dominating these tables the latest weeks but yesterday he had the first downswing, he lost about $300k.

The largest winners yesterday was instead Jigga100(+$170k) and KObyTAPOUT (+$112k)

Both player hit the nuts on turn but Jigga100 had some extra outs, $125k pot
Jigga100 with a bottomset against durrrs drawing hand, $207k pot
KObyTAPOUT survives with his AA, $68k pot

Ziigmund also gave us alot of action yesterday. He had a very bad start and was down about -$220k before he started to totally control the tables. He quit one table with a $240k stack and the other a $395k stack and this made him about +$50k. 

Sick hand between Gus Hansen and Ziigmund, $101k pot
Bottom two pair was enough for Ziigmund to push durrr allin, $157k pot



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