Durrrr wins $199K from Odonkor1.

After having been on a major roll for three days, Odonkor1 must have caught the attention of the best players around, because yesterday durrrr sat down across from him. And to Odonkor1’s credit, he did not back down from the challenge. The match lasted 1992 hands and in the  end it was durrrr who stood victorious with a $199K win.



Durrrr also  played some $500/$1000 PLO against Ziigmund and Phil Ivey and picked up another $104K, but  alas, the seven game was not so kind to him so at the end of the day durrrr had ‘only’ won $24K. The most successful player of the day was world1969 aka John Hennigan. He is known as a stud specialist, and it really showed in his results. $88K in regular Stud, $51K in Stud8 and finally $114K in Razz. Unfortunately for him, he lost quite a bit in the other games, but he wound up with a very nice $184K result for the day.


Durrrr really chooses the wrong time to bluff Ziigmund. $290K pot.


It is never nice to make a big bluff and find that you are drawing completely dead, but you are never caught bluffing you are either the proud owner of a superuser account or you are not bluffing enough. Dry boards like these are often a good opportunity for making big bluffs since your opponent is not likely to have hit it hard. Credit also goes to Ziigmund whose bet sizing made it possible for durrrr to consider the bluff on the turn. If he had checked the turn, he might have gotten durrrr to make a small bluff, but this time he managed to get durrrr to put his whole stack in the middle.


Durrrr rivers a flush to crack Odonkor1’s aces. $110K pot


Again durrrr finds himself in a precarious spot when the money goes in, but his play on the flop was fairly automatic. He knows that he will normally be a 2-1 underdog if his check raise gets called, but there is also a decent chance that Idonkor1 will not have a hand that he can call with. So considering the fold equity, shoving with the flush draw seems like the sensible play here and this time he was rewarded when the third diamond fell on the river.


Durrrr flops a straight against Ziigmund’s set and wins both halves of the run it twice. $246K total.


durrrr flops a full house against Ziigmund’s trips. $219K pot.


Ziigmund flops top two pairs which holds up twice against durrrr’s aces. $169K pot.


durrrr gets his money in with the bast hand and the best draw. $194K pot


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