Big swings for Sbrugby the latest days

Last time Sbrugby played in Vegas he won about two million dollars and this week he was back in business, but this time he faced his largest loss ever, -$960k. He probably lost pretty much of this money to David Benyamine since he explained a monsterpot against David on his blog. To read the complete report by Brian, go to his blog: Click here

However, yesterday he was back on the online tables and was doing very well, at one point he was up about $550k but once again he run into some problems against David Benyamine and lost quite much, but he is still up about $160k since yesterday

Sbrugby hit a backdoor flush, $129k pot
Both players hit a very nice flop and this time Shahin83 was outdrawed, $122k pot

David Benyamine seems to be working himself back again since he have lost quite much the latest weeks, he is +$300k on Texas Holdem NL since yesterday and we guess that he also made a good profit in Vegas.

A pair of ladies against a straight draw, $90k pot
Flush draw vs a pair of aces with good kicker, $103k pot




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