Luckychewy wins $300K from Odonkor1

Though most of the attention yesterday was focused on the match between durrrr and ziigmund, there has been other game over the past 24 hours as well. Odonkor1 continued to put in long sessions at the $100/$200 NLHE tables, but the success he had in the beginning of the week eluded him. A couple of days ago it was durrrr who stopped Odonkor1’s progress, and yesterday it was luckychewy aka Andrew Lichtenberger who took a good chunk out of the Swedes bankroll, winning $299K in 1669 hands.



Luckychewy flops the nut straight which holds up against Odonkor1’s  aces with a flush draw. $86K pot.


This hand is quite a cooler for Odonkor1. This is normally an excellent flop for him, so there is no way that he is getting away from his hand. In addition, the ten of diamonds in luckychewy’s hand blocks two of Odonkor1’s winners, something that takes away close to 8% of the equity he would normally have. Even so, with all the bad news that Odonkor1 received when the cards were flipped over, he was only a 2-1 underdog when the money went in, but this time there was no help to be found on the last two streets.


Antonius flops trips and rivers a straight to take down durrrr’s kings. $106K pot.


Patrik Antonius had another nice day to add to his already substantial April winnings. By playing almost exclusively in the seven games he has made a very nice turnaround. Looking at the results from yesterday, we can see that he was winning at all the different games except from the Razz part, something that really shows what kind of a well rounded player he is. This hand was his largest of the day, and is a good illustration of how vulnerable the big pairs are in PLO, particularly when you haven’t got any re-draws. After the flop, durrrr has only about 12% equity, but still it is impossible to get away from the hand. Antonius could very easily be shoving the flop with a flush draw and if this is the case, durrr would probably be something like a 2-1 favorite.


Durrrr makes a nice call on the flop and dodges a bunch of draws to win a $132K pot.


world1969 turns a flush to win a $104K pot.


durrrr flops a flush, but theASHMAN103 rivers a full house. $90K pot.


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