Jungleman12 wins $313K from durrrr

After playing mostly PLO and seven game for a long period, it seems that durrrr is again able to find opponents who are willing to take him on at the NLHE tables. A few days he stopped Odonkor1 dead in his tracks and yesterday he faced jungleman12 in a marathon session of $200/$400 NLHE. As the header of this report suggest, the results were not as encouraging for durrrr this time around because in 4743 hands jungleman12 was able to take off with just over $313K of durrrr’s money. Also worth noting is that Gus Hansen had a very profitable day, and despite losing $120 in a short session of $300/$600 PLO he managed to end the day winning more than $300K.



Hansen makes a nice rivercall to pick off world1969’s bluff. $165K pot.


The betting in poker can be considered a primitive sort of language. The line you are chosing and the size of your bets are all part of the story you want to convey to your opponents. The story is the hand you are representing, and sometimes you want to represent the hand you have, while at other times you want to make your opponent believe you hold something completely different.


When you are thinking about making a bluff, the first thing you will have to consider is whether or not your betting up to that point is consistent with the hand you are trying to represent. For example, if there was two of a suit on the flop and the third comes on the river, it might be a good spot to bluff, representing a flush. This hand, Hansens largest of the day, is a good example. Everything about world1969’s line is screaming ‘I am on a draw’, and the most likely draw he could be on is obviously the heart draw. So when the backdoor flush appears, there is little chance that Hansen will fold anything remotely of value.


I am not saying that you should never make a bluff in this spot, but you really need to be sure that the bluff is part of a bigger picture you are trying to paint for your opponent, because I don’t think that your opponent will fold often enough to make that particular hand profitable. Conversely, if you rivered the top straight in this spot it would be a nice spot to go for the value bet. If your opponent has backed into the flush, that is just tough luck, but he will call with a lot of hands that you can beat as well.


Both durrrr and jungleman12 turns flushes, but durrrr’s is better. $149K pot


jungleman12 flops top set which holds up twice against durrrr’s overpair. $138K total.


durrrr turns a straight to beat jungleman12’s top two pair.


jungleman12 rivers a straight only to pay off durrrr’s flush. $122K pot.


durrrr flops a fush and gutshot draw but loses twice to jungleman12’s two pairs. $103K pot


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