Phil Ivey wins $395K from theASHMAN103

Ivey rarely gives us long sessions, but he can always be counted on for playing at the highest stakes and not dodging anyone who would like to stand up to him. Yesterday it was theASHMAN103 who picked up the gauntlet, but as so many players before him, he ended the session wishing he’s found another game instead. He probably felt that he could hold his own, but if you choose to play Ivey heads-up you are certainly not putting you best game selection skills on display.



But for some, Gus Hansen losing close to $600K for the day might be the bigger story. He is well on his way of repeating 2009 where he also started out hot only to fizzle out and ending the year losing close to $6M. Hopefully for him this won’t happen this year, but yesterday he played as high as $500/$1000 PLO, a game where I don’t think he has any edge at all. During his comeback he has played mostly at the lower range of the high stakes, and that is what he should continue to do, in my opinion. Not that he cares what I think, but we’ll see what happens.


Ivey flops top set and fades theASHMAN103’s many winners. $363K pot.


In a short match like this (191 hands) there will be a few hands which decides the final result, and this one was by far the most influential. Regardless of which player held which hand here, all the money would go in at some point. So like with so many similar hands, the winner of the hand is the one who gets lucky, because both players played it the way they were supposed to. This time it was Ivey who had fate on his side, and he secured almost half of his winnings in the session in this one hand.


Ivey flops a set, theASHMAN103 turns a straight bit Ivey rivers a full house and wins a $268K pot.


Ivey flops another set and dodges theASHMAN103’s flush draw. $125K pot


Antonius wins a big coinflip against Hansen. $120K pot.


Hansen falls in love with is second pair, but theASHMAN103’s top pair wins a $118K pot.


world1969 flops a straight but is drawing dead against Antonius’ flush. $93K pot.


Brian Townsend flops top set and gets paid off by world1969 with his top pair. $93K pot.


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