Patrik wins $371 in sick Omaha games

Luigi66369 (Patrik Antonius) and Ziigmund was playing a very sick Omaha PL HU match. Patrik early took the lead and won alot of nice hands.

This was for sure not Ziigmunds day, $86k pot
Very nice flop for Patric and both player went all-in on the river, $157k

After a while Ziigmund started to ask Patrik to make a flip with $40k buyins, very sick, one of our members copied the chat, click here to read more and watch this lovley all-in pre coins below:

Patrik won the first flip, $80k pot
Ziigmund won the other one, $80k pot

Patrik also played well in other games so his total profit yesterday was +$371k

Kinda strange play from Gus Hansen and Patrik wins another nice hand, $101k pot



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