Sbrugby is back

Brian Townsend released today an interesting blog update. In the update Townsend tells that he will no longer be a lead instructor at CardRunners. With his departure from CardRunners his Red Pro status at Full Tilt Poker will also be gone, and he will start using his old legendary screename "sbrugby" at the tables.

Here is what Townsend has to say (from his blog):

"I have been considering leaving CardRunners for some time now. There is a lot that goes into being involved in the running of a small business while also playing poker full time and having a life outside of poker. It can be difficult to give enough time to everything.

When I joined CardRunners back in 2007, I joined because I thought it was a great company and because I wanted to gain experience helping run my own small business. CardRunners is still a great business but it is one that is much more time consuming than I would have imagined. I value the friendships I have created here immensely, but over the previous months I have started to realize that it is time for me to move on and devote my time to playing poker.

I have also enjoyed all of the support from our community over the years. I think the community of CR is a very special one, which has always supported me. I plan on still being a part of this community and I wanted to thank everyone who is a part of it for that support. I will always remember and appreciate it.

I will no longer be a Red Pro after my departure from CardRunners and I will return to playing under "sbrugby" at the tables on Full Tilt Poker."

On a sidenote Cole South made a while ago also similiar announcement on his blog, and you can read it - here.

-Everyone talks about the "Red Pro Curse", so we will now see if it really has some affect...

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