Jungleman12 will play the "Durrrr Challenge"?

It has been pretty quiet at Full Tilt Poker during the WSOP, but the games are now starting to run again. Hopefully we can start now enjoying some online action also.

Today there was already some nice action at the $100/$200 No-Limit Hold'em tables, and you can check the results, here.

During these games Tom "durrrr" Dwan and jungleman12 had a pretty interesting discussion, which went like this:

durrrr: ok gg
jungleman12: gg
durrrr: y dont u take challenge
durrrr: since u never lose to me
jungleman12: i will prob

jungleman12: maybe
jungleman12: isnt bt next or something?
durrrr: i can do 2 at once
durrrr: ship ivey 500k n we will work out details

durrrr: get my aim from someone
jungleman12: ok
durrrr: i wanna crank out at least 2 of em before london if poss
jungleman12: ill talk to you over aim before doing it
durrrr: we could obv play in like 2 weeks

jungleman12: k
durrrr: kk gg
durrrr: gl

So, it seems that jungleman12 might play the "durrrr challenge". Let's hope this one will happen, it would be surely a great match to rail!


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