High Stakes Poker Results in June


We had alot of nice action on Full Tilt Poker this month. Some new players have been doing very good, one of them is LarsLuzak who had a very good month on Texas NL but the largest winner this month was pr1nnyraid (+$1,2 million)

Omaha High PL was Gus Hansens month, at one point he was up $2 million but then he lost some money in the end and his results ended up with +$1,4 million. Ziigmund also had a very good month after a very swingy month (+$800k)

Texas Holdem NL - Results May
Omaha High PL - Results May


We had some great $200/400 action this month and the largest winner was TILTERMAN (+$523) After him we had alot of players who had a pretty good month and they all have probablly won a piece of the big money flyingjet2 lost this month.

We also had quite good action on the Omaha High PL tables and the winner there was -Colossus- (+$145K)

Texas Holdem NL - Results May
Omaha High PL - Results May


Nebuchad continues and do well and like in May he was also the largest winner this month. Unfortunally it has not been so much higher action this month either. It would be so  interesting to see some action on the double buy in $200/400 table!

Texas Holdem NL - Results May

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