David Benefield has a tough time, loses $267K

It was not a pleasant day for David Benefield in the $200/$400 PLO Cap game yesterday.  Even though, or perhaps because, he played by far the most hands in that game, he lost close to $272K in 1766 hands. Gus Hansen did not fare much better with his $176K loss, but with losses like these, there are of course some happy benefactors. The trio Jani Vilmunen, DIN_FRU and NEKOTYAN all won over $100K in this game, while SmitjeSmee was not far behind with a $97K win.

Gus Hansen wins a four-way all in preflop hand

Those of you who read my reports regularly, know that I am not a big fan of the cap games, but this pot at least allows for some interesting observations. La Key U’s aces have only the third highest EV of the four hands in the showdown while Hansen’s collection of low cards is actually the favorite. Flopping the straight obviously helped Hansen’s cause, and when he managed to fade the flush draw, he cold lay claims to the largest pot of the day.

Both URnotINdanger2 rivers a higher than his opponent and wins a $33K pot

URnotINdanger2 took a step down in limits to play an interesting match of $50/$100 NLHE against Sauce1234. An though you wouldn’t guess form seeing URnotINdanger2’s $2K win over 1452 hands, there were some relatively big swings considering the stakes they were playing.  On this hand, which was the largest of the match, Sauce1234 was very unlucky to river the second nuts against his opponents nut straight, so at that point there was little he could do.

The interesting considerations in this hand are his call of URnotINdanger2’s check raise on the flop and the call on the turn. From a pure EV calculation, these calls, and in particular the last one, are dubious at best, but presumably they were made with the idea if trying to take away the pot at a later street. His plan B was obviously to hit his straight, but this time that came under the category, ‘be careful what you wish for’




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