Sick action with Benyamine and Hansen

It has been alot of good Omaha PL $200/400 action the latest days. Yesterday Gus Hansen dominated the tables and won $320k, mostly from Ziigmund and Ram Vasawni.

Gus Hansen beats Ziigmund in a crazy hand, $84k pot
Nut straight vs top set, $125k pot

David Benyamine had some problems yesterday and lost about $150k to jigga100 and chewigirl. But today he have been unstoppable. He played a $200/400 sessions for about 7h and won $450k and quit the table with a amazing $478k stack. He won most of this money from KObyTAPOUT but some of Gus Hansens winning yesterday also disappeared.

Here is the largest hand from this sick session:

A nice pot with a flopped bottom set, $99k pot
Two pair vs AA with nut flush draw, largest hand this month, $308k pot

Hopefully we will get more action tonight, so keep your eyes open!



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