October not looking good for Ziigmund

About a week ago it seemed like Ziigmund's games at Full Tilt Poker would start to go better, but it didn't happen, and the Finn has been losing a lot lately.

Our live section currently show Ziigmund down $311K from the last 24 hours, and that means he is now down almost $1,7M in October.

harrington25: zig ur learning good
Ziigmund: ?
harrington25: are u done playing
Ziigmund: so unlucky
Ziigmund: so f tilt

October is not over yet, though, and Ziigmund has still good time to win his money back.

While Ziigmund has lost the most in October, Tom "durrrr" Dwan is leading the winners section. Dwan was online last time a week ago, but he is still the biggest winner in October (+$1M).

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