Chau "La Key U" Giang wins $2,6M pot at Macau

Seems like Matt Savage (APT Macau tournament director) has now left from Macau, but no worries, since Stella Yeh and Tom Hall are still kind enough to provide us information at 2+2 poker forum about Macau's huge nosebleed games.

Yeh and Hall tell, that last night Chau "La Key U" Giang won a staggering $2,6M ($HK20M) pot (hand history below), and two local guys were playing a NL Hold'em Heads-Up match with ~$7K/$14K blinds:

"Hi All,

Would just like to say on behalf of Poker King Club thank you to everyone for their interest in our High Stakes Macau game. As i've read some of the previous threads, our friends Tom & Matt have done an excellent job giving updates, as well as bringing Phil and Durr over to Starworld to play this action packed game. As of right now...Durr & Phil are taking a break, catching up on some sleep....and there are two local guys sitting right in front of me playing $50k-$100k HKD heads up. They've been playing since's about 4pm now....and they're still going strong. One guy has a massive chip lead on the other ....but the other guy's determined to continue playing it seems. As the days go by, this game is getting stronger and bigger than ever. With ante's and props....who knows what the future will hold when it comes to limits.

This game has been going on in Macau at Level 3 Starworld...Poker King Club for over a year already. And consists of mostly Macau/China businessmen who have converted their passion from Baccarrat to Poker. It's definetly an entertaining game to watch, i've seen some players improve over the years and come out consistent winners each session. Yet i've seen others continue to try and chase very expensive gut shots or flush draws just because "they could feel it"...lolz. With the addition of Durr, Phil, and other world champions, the game's atmosphere has really gotten even more exciting. Everyday new challenges come out, and as Tom Hall said earlier, some guy from Beijing has challenged to play Durr heads up, if he flies in tonight, i'll keep everyone posted on what happens. Thanks! =)
Hand of the Day:

Last night all the regular high roller Chinese guys were playing..along with World Champion Chau Giang. (Durr and Phil were taking a nap and getting some rest)

How it went down:
Blinds: $10,000, $20,000HKD blinds, $10,000 Ante/person
There was a straddle of $40,000 HKD.
Chinese guy: bumps it up to $100,000HKD (with Ace, Jack)
Chau Giang: raises to $500,000HKD (with Ace, Ace)
Chinese guy: calls ....(everyone else folds) it's now heads up

Flop comes out: J, J, 10

Chau Giang: Checks (two pair, aces and jacks)
Chinese guy: bets $1.2 million (with trip Jack's, ace kicker)
Chau Giang: Calls

Turn: Ace ( WOW, Chau Giang has now made a Full house Aces over Jacks....While Chinese Guy has Full house Jacks over Aces)

Chau Giang: first to act ....Checks!
Chinese guy: pushes All IN ...around $9 Million HKD
Chau Giang: Calls

River comes a 3: Chau Giang takes down the over $20 Million HKD POT!!!!!!!
Stella Yeh
Marketing Director
Poker King Club
Stella, thanks for taking over the posts properly, Mark will be able to get back to his proper job.

HK$50k/100k (US$7,000 / US$14,000) are the biggest blinds we have ever seen in Macau. Phil and Tom in Macau has inspired a new level of sickness at the Big Game. It really is a BIG GAME now.

Looking forward to coming back at the weekend and seeing whats going on!! (Tom Hall)"

This is complete madness, let's just now all go to 2+2 and press F5 furiously for more updates...


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