Wild rumor: Dwan up almost $9M today at Macau

The insanity at Macau just goes on, and the latest rumor is, that Tom "durrrr" Dwan won today $HK68M from a marathon heads-up session.

Earlier today Matt Savage announced (who started the thread at 2+2), that Dwan had been playing heads-up for over 15 hours: "The heads up match continues that started at 3:25 am Macau time. About 15 hours ago."

Later "MacauPro" joined also in the conversation, and told some insane news:

"Guys, pls cut Tom and Stella etc, some slack. They are kinda caught in between a rock and a hard place. The rest of us lurkers with no affiliation to any of the rooms will try to provide updates whenever we can. Durrrr is up 62mill HKD atm.
HU2 is over. Durrr up 68mill HKD. more than made up for the 20mill loss in HU1. Good night guys."

So, if this guy is speaking the truth, it means that Dwan won almost nine million dollars!

Source: 2+2


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