Durrrr challenge resumes!

It has been a long time coming, but yesterday Tom ’durrrr’ Dwan and Daniel ’jungleman12’ Cates finally resumed their challenge. They played a total of 2120 hands and at the end of the day durrrr had reduced his deficit by almost $13K which means that junglman12 now leads by $646K after 9783 hands. They still have a long way to go, but I am sure that durrrr would have liked to get a bit closer by now.

The best result belonged to Urindanger who won just over half a million dollars in various cap games. He and skjervoy made sure that Gus Hansen, davin77 and Ziigmund all had six-figure losses in the $500/$1000 PLO game. In addition to this, IhateJuice and Antonius continued their fixed limit duel with the former winning $346K in 641 hands. So in all it was a pretty bad day for Finland with Ziigmund and Antonius dropping well over $500K in total and rounding up the bottom of the leaderboard.

As you can see from the graph, even though the final result was nearly even, there were a lot of big swings in this session of the durrrr challenge. After 467 hands jungleman12 held a $212K lead, but durrrr came back and had his largest lead at $91K after 1913 hands.

durrrr flops a full house against jungleman12’s kings. $128K pot.

Would you have made the final bet with jungleman12’s kings here? The rule of thumb for value bets in position is that you can beat more than half the hands that that your opponent would call the bet with. I would think that durrrr would call with any pair, any hand containing a 9,6 or a 3 and maybe even a bare ace. Obviously some of these hands are more likely than others, so that will skew the calculations some, but I am fairly sure that it is a good play to shove the river here. It would be a natural spot to fire a third barrel if jungleman12 was on a bluff, so durrrr can be expected to make a marginal call. In addition the bet kind of protects future bluffs in the same situation since durrrr will know that jungleman12 is willing to make marginal valuebets on the end.

durrrr stacks jungleman12 with Aces against Kings. $105K pot.

jungleman12’s top pair is enough to win a $103K pot.

jungleman12 flops middle set against two pairs. $92K pot.


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