cadillac1944 wins $740K from durrrr

Today, for the first time in a long while, we saw a really long match of uncapped $500/$1000 PLO when cadillac1944 took on durrrr just now. And we were really treated to some fireworks with six pots exceeding $300K and three going over $500K (well one of those were really $495K, but who’s counting).

All together they played 1078 hands, and as the title of this report indicates, it was cadillac1944 who was victorious. It should also be mentioned that Bttech86 beat durrrr out of $218K in a $100/$200 PLO match earlier in the day, so overall it has not been a good day for durrrr so far.

Both players have massive draws, but cadillac1944 prevails. $515K pot

cadillac1944 flops top set and gets paid off on the river. $508K pot

cadillac1944’s top set takes a $494K pot against durrrr’s middle set

durrrr rivers the nut straight and wins a $379K pot.

cadillac1944 fades a bunch of draws on the river to win a $332K pot.

durrrr turns a straight twice and wins a $332K pot.


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