IHateJuice asks for higher tables

IHateJuice shows us the money.

German Fixed Limit Hold em specialist IHateJuice and Patrik Antonius have played lately many wild matches at Full Tilt Poker's $2,000/$4,000 Limit Hold em tables, and it now seems that IHateJuice wants to play even higher against Antonius.

IHateJuice continued today his recent good run at the tables and won 112,000 dollars from Phil Ivey at a $2,000/$4,000 Limit Hold em table. During the match he asked Ivey, if he could ask Full Tilt to open $3,000/$6,000 Limit Hold em tables.

IHateJuice: btw... can u do me a favor and ask FTP for 3k6k tables?
Phil Ivey: u wanna break me faster?
IHateJuice: this has nothing to do with u
Phil Ivey: i was joking
IHateJuice: :)
IHateJuice: maybe patrik wants to play higher
Phil Ivey: y not jus open up 5k 10k tables and get it out of the mud
IHateJuice: yeah, why not?

Phil Ivey: i wanna sweat it
IHateJuice: uve played so much higher in the past
IHateJuice: im the biggest fan of your limit history
Phil Ivey: when i play really high i like to look at the person
Phil Ivey: ty
IHateJuice: anyway, i would appreciate it if u could convice ftp :)
IHateJuice: they only answer me with those standard emails

After the $112K win against Ivey, IHateJuice is up more than $500K for the year since we started tracking Limit Hold'em - but if he gets his crazy high limit tables, the results should change to either way pretty soon!


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