Cristiano Ronaldo plays at Full Tilt Poker?

CR7sete wins $10,550 with AA

Daniel "jungleman12" Cates posted few days ago in his Twitter that he was "playing against Cristiano Ronaldo" at Full Tilt Poker. This of course got the rumors going, and the hearsay is, that Ronaldo is using the screename "CR7sete" at Full Tilt Poker.

Today "CR7sete" played also against Patrik Antonius at a $25/$50 NL Hold'em Heads-Up table, and it really seems that it is Ronaldo playing:

CR7sete: Training soon...
pleshots (Observer): Why is antonious sitting here?
Giantcuttlefish (Observer): just logged in, what happened? looks like Patrik moved down in levels
CR7sete: Didnt move down in levels...we are friends...
Patrik Antonius: wp champ
CR7sete: Thanks...
Patrik Antonius: footbol and poker good
Patrik Antonius: tennis is so so...
Patrik Antonius: ciao

CR7sete: I go the car now...
CR7sete: Good tomorow
CR7sete: o text my mobile....

Patrik Antonius: ok
Patrik Antonius: ciao

CR7sete: adeus

"CR7sete" won a bit from Antonius in the match, and we will see what stakes he will play the next time when he logs in...


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