A wild session in the durrrr challenge

Thursday night they were at it again. Tom Dwan and Daniel Cates played a two hour, 1214 hand session where durrrr ended up winning about $63K. This puts his deficit at almost exactly $500K after 14 190 hands. And while it is a lot better than being $800K down as he was not so long ago, I am sure that durrrr ended the session with some mixed feelings. Yes, he won $63K, but at one point he was up more than $354K so at that point jungleman12’s lead was only $200K. Surely durrrr had ambitions to even the match in one fell swoop at that time.

jungleman12 turns a dream card to win a $210K pot.

To say that this was a wild session is no overstatement. Three of the five and five of the nine largest pots recorded in this match were played in his session. The hand above was the largest of them all and the only pot so far that has exceeded $200K. And looking at the preflop betting it was clear that the players were ready to gamble this time around. Normally you don’t see 4bets preflop with these hands, and with stacks as deep as they were it is little wonder that we saw some large pots.

It was interesting to see that jungleman12 did not try to make any moves on the flop when he picked up the open ended straight draw. The stacks seem perfect for a shove here, but presumably he respected durrrr’s 4bet before the flop and suspected there was little chance to get him to fold anything of value in that spot. Durrrr has also shoved a willingness to call down jungleman12’s moves with marginal holdings at times, so this was surely also a part of the consideration for jungleman12 this time. He was rewarded for his restraint when the five of diamonds hit the turn presenting durrrr with the biggest cooler so far this match.

durrrr flops a set and gets paid off on the river. $190K pot.

jungleman12 flops a straight to crack durrrr’s kings. $160K pot.

durrrr flops the nut flush and gets jungleman12 to bluff his chips away. $146K pot.

durrrr’s top pair turns into a backdoor flush. $142K pot.



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