Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth both leave from

Big news today considering - Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke have both announced that they are leaving Ultimate Bet team.

Annie Duke told the news on her blog, and so did Phil Hellmuth on his blog. Both of them say that it is just time to move on, and according to, at least Duke is not currently looking for a new sponsor.

Annie Duke's blog post:

"It’s bittersweet, but I’ve decided to leave UB.

I have nothing but positive things to say about UB and my experiences with the brand, management team, and dedicated employees who work hard every day to deliver a terrific online poker experience for players like you.

I’ve sincerely enjoyed wearing the UB patch, but it’s time for me to move on.

So why am I leaving UB? In a nutshell, professional and personal growth.

I’m going to explore and pursue other business opportunities on a full-time basis. And, while I will no longer be a part of UB, I will remain a part of the online and offline poker community and am confident that we will continue to cross paths playing this amazing game that we all love.

See you at the tables – always,


Phil Hellmuth's blog post: 

"Over the last few months, rumors have been floating around that and I have parted ways.
Today, I'd like to confirm that yes, it's true. I no longer wear the UB patch. and I have chosen to end our longstanding relationship.
This was a mutual decision, and a difficult one for both parties to make. But I truly believe it's the right move for me and for the rebranded
I sincerely wish everyone at – from management to the frontline staff to every player who loves this game as much as I do – the very best.
Phil Hellmuth"


If Duke is not looking for a new sponsor, the big question is now, that will Phil Hellmuth soon have a new sponsor?


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