Richard "nutsinho" Lyndaker starts playing at Full Tilt Poker

Richard "nutsinho" Lyndaker has been dominating PokerStars highstakes games for years now, and the rumors say that he is up there few million dollars.

Now Lyndaker has also started to play nosebleed games at Full Tilt Poker under the alias "Kpederson".

Lyndaker himself told the news on his Twitter, where he few days ago also told that he is "up a million and change in 5 weeks between PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker".

According to Hendon Mob Poker Database, 24 year-old Lyndaker is no stranger to live play either, as he has won already $640,000 from live tournaments during his career. In 2008 he almost won his first WSOP bracelet.

It will be now very interesting to see how his games at Full Tilt Poker will go - he has already played Patrik Antonius, and is currently waiting for some action at a $300/$600 NL Hold'em Heads Up table.


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