Galfond continues his bad start to the year, drops $210K

Heads-Up overview

Poker wise, it has not been a happy new year so far for Phil ‘OMGClayAiken’ Galfond and yesterday was not the day to turn it around. He lost $132K in just 42 hands of $200/$400 against Ziigmund and $77K playing $100/$200 against Johnbest. Ziigmund, by the way, had a very active day playing a total of 1357 hands, and even though he lost $120K in two HU matches against Rui Cao ended up winning $81K for the day.

All-in preflop, Ziigmund’s kings hold up twice. $88K pot

That Omaha hands run way closer in value than Hold’em hands do is hardly a surprise. It is also the reason why you can 4bet more liberally in PLO. Particularly playing heads-up where the 3-betting is done with such a wide variety of hands, it is often a good idea to put in the fourth bet preflop. You are in position which is important under any circumstance, but when the pot is big it is even more advantageous. If you make a wrong decision in a small pot, it is relatively inexpensive, but if you do the same in a big pot it costs that much more. And as everyone knows, when you are in position you have more information than your opponent when you make your decisions. So therefore it stands to reason that you want to play larger pots when you are in position.

The problem when playing hold’em is that if you 4bet a hand like AJ you will often be in deep trouble if your opponent shoves. Playing PLO however, even a marginal hand will never be so far behind that you can’t play it for stacks preflop. On this particular hand Phil Galfond’s hand looks dominated by Ziigmund’s, but looking at the odds it turns out that Ziigmund is only a 57% favorite. Not that it helped Galfond any on this hand since he lost both showdowns, but at least his play was not to blame for this downturn.

Galfond loses a coinflip twice on the same hand. $80K pot

Ziigmund’s overpair and straight draw wins a $75K pot.

On a side note, yesterday I launched my new blog, and the guys generously let me plug it here. There will be some poker content there, but a lot of other stuff as well both personal and not. So when you are finished reading all that hsdb has to offer, you are welcome to come visit me, and if you have any feedback I would be very happy to hear it in the comments section or by using the contact form to send me a message.


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