It is official: Viktor Blom is Isildur1

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

Well, it has been now finally confirmed - Isildur1 is indeed 20-year-old Viktor Blom from Sweden.

Isildur1 shook the online poker world in November 2009, when he started to play nosebleed cash games at Full Tilt Poker. He did very well against players like Tom "durrrr" Dwan, but eventually his wild ride ended, when Brian Hastings won $4,2 million from the unknown player.

According to PokerStars Blog Blom tells, that before today "there was no reason for him to talk to the media".

Blom says that he really started making big money in online poker at the age 18, when he deposited $2,000 to Ipoker and ran that up to two million in just three weeks!

The Swede is known for his huge swings, but he says that he is not that worried, since "he knows he can always win money by playing poker".

Blom is happy with his deal with PokerStars, though he can't play anymore the huge games at Full Tilt Poker, and says that "It's the biggest site. They do things right".

His two older sisters don't play poker, but his brother does (and recently won a big Swedish tournament), but he's still nothing like Blom. Blom says that his brother is more of a grinder while he is the gambler.

Read Blom's amazing story at PokerStars Blog and watch a video from his unveiling at CardPlayer.


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