Gus Hansen wins $327K from NEKOTYAN

Heads-Up overview

Cap games are there for players who wants to reduce their variance, but that doesn’t mean that big swings don’t occur. Yesterday Gus Hansen and Nekotyan sat down in the $500/$1000 PLO Cap game for a couple of hours and when the dust had settled, Hansen was up $327K. Hansen, by the way, was caught on camera a couple of times yesterday during fellow Danes Caroline Wozniacki quarter finals match in the Australian Open of tennis, so maybe he was inspired by her win.

Daniel ‘jungleman12’ Cates also had a good day, though he had to spend a lot more time than Hansen in accumulating his $150K win. Under his Pokerstars nick ‘W00ki3z.’, he played 3110 hands against vencedor and 327 hands against Also11 who both contributed equally to his result for the day.

Also11 rivers top pair and make a nice valuebet. $96K pot.

mikeyG16 picks off Bttech86’s triple barrel bluff. $81K pot.

Hansen hits a very lucky turn. $80K pot.

Hansen hits a full house in both showdowns. $80K pot.

NEKOTYAN rivers a straight to win an $80K pot,


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