ilvdnfl continues his tear with a $174K day.

Heads-Up overview

ilvdnfl (or Di ‘Urindanger’ Dang if you believe the rumors) played 1127 hands on Pokerstars yesterday and won, as the headline shows, $174K. But $134K of that win came in just 32 hands of $200/$400 PLO against Also11, so compared to that he had a lot of work to do to win the additional $40K.

ilvdnfl turns a flush and wins  $187K pot.

When there is such a big swing in a short mach it is not surprising that the largest pot of the day comes from this particular matchup. And to illustrate the small margins between success and failure in any given session, you can see that if Also11 had won this coinflip, he would have been up $53K instead of down $134K. ilvdnfl is obviously running stupid hot at the moment, and if it is indeed the case that it is Di Dang who hides behind that nick, he has been doing so all of January with a total of $1.6M in winnings.

MauriceSch’s bottom two pairs are enough to win $70K.

ilvdnfl’s top two pairs are no match for Skjervøy’s wrap draw. $78K pot



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