Gus Hansen wins $239K from jungleman12

Gus Hansen has been running well in the Cap games lately. Just a few days ago he beat NEKOTYAN out of $327K and yesterday he took a good chunk of change away from Daniel ‘jungleman12’ Cates.

Over at Pokerstars, another interesting match went down between urnotindangr and Also11. They played 175 hands of $200/$400 PLO and it is not an understatement to say that urnotindanger had Also11’s number. The final result was $234K in urnotindanger’s favor, something that is the equivalent of 3,3 big blinds per hand. I pretty significasnt rush, I’m sure you will agree.

urnotindanger flops top set and fades Also11’s straight flush draw. $154K pot.

Like yesterday, there was one pot in particular that was responsible for most of the difference in the match with most swings. And just like yesterday it was a virtual coinflip who was going to take off with the largest pot of the day. urnotindanger’s top set was only a very marginal favorite against Also11’s straight flush draw, so even with the nuts on the flop, urnotindanger had a lot of sweating to do before he could stack the chips.

kerendream flops the nuts, but BoPasaran turns  better straight. $102K pot,

kerendream turns the nut flush in a $85K pot.

kerendream hits another nice turn and wins an $82K pot.

Hansen gets a couple of nice turns and wins an $80K pot.

Hansen turns two flushes to overcome jungleman12’s set.


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