Gus Hansen is on a roll

He has taken a lot of grief, and he has certainly had his troubles, but since the beginning of October Gus Hansen has been running circles around his opponents winning well over $5M in the process playing close to 100 000 hands. It would seem that he has really turned the corner and his confidence must be soaring about now. And an elite player with a high confidence is definitely something that demands a lot of respect. It will be very interesting to see where he goes from here.

As we have seen over the last few days, Hansen has been very active in the draw games, and his results in January notwithstanding, they have been a good source of income for him. But his strongest game by far has been the $500/$1000 PLO Cap game in which he has won close to $2M. His main benefactors in that game have been Daniel ‘jungleman12’ Cates ($891K) and David Benefield ($477K). But also the uncapped $500/$1000 and $200/$400 PLO games has been good to him, yielding well over $M in winnings.

Here are some of Hansens largest hand from this period:

Hansen rivers a straight and wins a $158K pot.

A classical example of a pot where so much money goes in preflop that all the players involved are committed when they hit a small piece of the flop. As it was, Hansen was the player with the best equity  when the flop came down. He had about a 50% chance of winning the pot while psychobenny and OMGClayAiken had 30% and 20% respectively. The eight of diamonds in the turn was about as good a card as psychobenny could have asked for since it took away any two pair draws that his opponents held, but as the river made clear, did not make him immune to Hansen’s straight draws.

Hansen flops top set and fades his opponents draws. $127K pot.

It’s an unfortunate hand when middle set, the best flush draw and a gut shot straight draw is not enough to win you the pot, but that was obviously what happened to psychobenny on this one. Hansen, who flopped the nuts could be said to hold the lead jointly on this hand. Both he and psychobenny had a 44,5% chance to win the hand with Antonius grasping at the last 11%. Unfortunately for both of Hansen’s opponents, both the turn and the river brought blanks, so in the end they had to see the chips being added to the great Dane’s stack.

Galfond’s combined draws are no match for Hansens top set, $115K pot.


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