FTOPS XIX Main Event: Blair "blur5f6" Hinkle wins $1,162,950

Blair Hinkle scores big one.

FTOPS XIX just concluded at Full Tilt Poker, when "GIAMPP" from Italy went on to win the Main Event.

GIAMPP didn't have the biggest payday however, since Blair "blur5f6" Hinkle profited most from the 3-way deal. Hinkle earned a whopping $1,162,950.

The FTOPS XIX Main Event was a multi-entry tournament, and the tournament got a total of 14,479 entries, which ballooned the $3M guaranteed prize pool up to $8,687,400 (biggest tournament ever played at Full Tilt Poker).

Final results:

1* GIAMPP $877,949.74
2* Blair "blur5f6" Hinkle $1,162,949.74
3* SirMad $805,440.26
4 Nayza $451,744.80
5 WiLDmAn75 $321,433.80
6 J NOCK $230,216.10
7 425wedabest $165,060.60
8 beerocrat $121,623.60
9 Colonel Mustard $86,005.26

The new multi-entry format has been very profitable for Full Tilt Poker so far, and we will see if records will be broken also in the next FTOPS.

See all the FTOPS XIX results from here.


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