XWINK: "$4K to $2M in four days"

As rumored before, it turns out that XWINK at Full Tilt Poker is the same 21-year-old Canadian player as XBLINK at Ultimatebet.

Back in 2009 XBLINK told on the 2+2 poker forums using alias "89libst", about his/her rapid climb to nosebleed games at Ultimatebet, and today the same user published a new post telling how he/she turned "$4K to $2M in just four days".

Read the post from below:

"A) $4K to $2M in four days. Did this with my excellent bankroll management skills.
 B) Lose $1.2M in one day.
C) Sit around with remainder, probably cash out half a million dollars or something.
D) Will continue to play to entertain you guys."

The story is exactly the same as the XWINK saga that is currently going on at Full Tilt Poker, so I think it is safe to assume that XBLINK and XWINK are the one and same player.

As you can see from above, XWINK says that he/she will continue to play, and today the Canadian has already played against players like Patrik Antonius and Tom "durrrr" Dwan.

durrrr: how r u doing overall this week?
XWINK: i was up 2 mil
XWINK: lost half of it
durrrr: ya saw tht then seemed like lost some back
durrrr: ahh riggd k
durrrr: well i hope u lose a little more back now =)
durrrr: then make more later…
durrrr: =)
durrrr: ur good action for these games


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