Isildur1 wins $150k against Daniel Negreanu in just 1439 hands

Viktor Blom & Daniel Negranu

Isildur1 was outstanding tonight and this was the first challenge that has been completed before all hands have been played, Isildur1 won this challenge after just 1439 hands and now has four straight victories.

Daniel has been taken this match very serious and has been playing a lot of hands on lower limits to get more used to play 4-tables and he has also been playing some intense HU-matches on $50/100 the last couple of days. It seemed like this was not enough for tonight though, especially since he was running quite bad in the beginning of this challenge.

"This has been pretty disgusting so far. Can't imagine running any worse." - Daniel's Twitter account

Daniel's top pair with a top kicker was not enough against Isildur1's draw, $25k pot
Isildur1 hits a perfect flop and easily wins a pot against Daniel, $27k pot
After this hand they only continued to play on one table, $13k pot
Here is the last hand they played, all-in preflop, $20k pot

This match was planned to be played over two dates, and 5000 hands in total, but since Daniel lost all his $150,000 tonight then we will probably not see any match next Sunday if not Daniel and Viktor decides to run a new challenge.


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