Gus's Fiery Hot 2011 Shows No Signs of Cooling Down

Gus Hansen

 It seems like every Gus Hansen-related report this year has ended with Gus dominating and his opponents obliterated. Just days after crossing the $4 million profit mark for 2011, The 4 time WPT winner padded his winnings in 3 intense HU PLO matches.

The first ended with Gus taking $108k from Daniel "jungleman12" Cates at $300/$600 after 432 hands. He then dumped all $108k back to CardRunner's coach Andres "skjervoy" Torbergson at both $300/$600 and $500/$1000 in 436 hands.

With Gus now even on the day, the deciding and most entertaining match took place against Scott "URnotINdanger2" Palmer. The match lasted 854 hands at $500/$1000 and included some of the biggest pots we've seen online in the past year. Once the dust cleared, The Great Dane was able to secure a strong $385k win:

Gus crushes URnotINdanger2's Aces not once, but twice, $286,985 pot
Gus wins 2 runs as a big underdog, $211,926 pot
Gus's Fiery Hot 2011 Shows No Signs of Cooling Down

With Gus being one of the most action-oriented players around, you can be sure he'll put his winnings back on the nosebleed tables to take on poker's best, and we'll have all the updates and results here for you at



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