KidPoker's Much Anticipated Rematch Against Isildur1 Lives Up to All the Hype

Isildur1 vs Kidpoker

After losing $150k in just 1439 hands to Viktor "Isildur1" Blom in last weeks Superstar Showdown, Daniel Negreanu was back for a second attempt at defeating Isildur1. Just like the previous challenge, KidPoker was set to play 2500 hands of $50/$100 NL over 4 tables against Isildur1, and it turned out to be a classic.

The first half of the match belonged to Isildur1, so much so that Daniel later said caused him to "smash everything in the room." After about 1200 hands, Isildur was up $120k and Daniels supporters were losing hope. Fortunately for Daniel, this match proved to be a swingy one. Seemingly exactly when the halfway point was hit, the cards began to fall in KidPoker's favor. In the end, Negreanu was able to storm back to even with only 141 hands remaining, eventually taking the lead, ending the challenge with a $26,500 profit.

A hand that sums up how bad KidPoker ran during the first half of the challenge, $59,500 pot
Isildur1 makes a big call, but runs into KidPoker's King high flush for $39,500

Despite the swings of this match, the two opponents remained in good spirits towards each other, exchanging "gg" and compliments such as "sick comeback!" and "Isildur is the best :)." Let's hope we see both Isildur1 and KidPoker back in action in Daniel's Room soon.


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