The SuperStar Showdown Comes Down to The Wire

Isildur1 vs urnotindangr

Today's SuperStar Showdown match between Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and Scott "urnotindangr" Palmer proved that a match is never truely over until every last hand is dealt.

This match was the definition of a seesaw battle. With every passing moment seemed to come another lead change. However, despite the swings, neither player had more than a $60k lead at any point during the match. As the stacks grew, so did the tension on the rail. Isildur1 took a nearly $30k into the home stretch of the challenge, however, with less than 100 hands to go, Isildur made a huge 3bet river bluff, and unfortunately for him, ran into urnotindangr's flopped full house. The match ended with urnotindangr up $5,425.

Isildur1 flops a set, rivers full house as urnotindangr hits running trips

Isildur1's huge bluff with less than 100 hands to go

However, for Isildur1, his fans, and the rest of the rail, there is some very good news. This match against Scott "urnotindangr"Palmer was technically only the first half of a 2 day, 5,000 hand challenge, which will be completed next sunday at the same time on Pokerstars. Will Isildur1 recover and pull out a victory? Or will urnotindangr continue to increase his profits? Whatever happens, we'll have the results here for you at


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