SuperStar Showdown: Isildur1 has a Busy Sunday, urnotindangr Relinquishes Lead

Superstar Showdown

For those who wern't following along with the SuperStar Showdown last week, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and Scott "urnotindangr" Palmer agreed to play a 2-part, 5,000 hand match, all at $50/$100 NL. Last week ended with a big, unsucessful bluff by Isildur1, giving urnotindangr a small $5,425 lead going into the 2nd week.

The challenge today was another struggle, as both Isildur1 and urnotindangr played extremely well, not allowing the other player to take anywhere near an insurmountable lead. When the dust settled after 2,500 hands, Isildur came out a $66,707 winner for part 2, and nearly a $62k winner for the 5,000 hand challenge overall.

But the day still wasn't over for Isildur1. He stayed online and hopped over to the $25/$50 PLO tables, where he once again face urnotindangr, and a new opponent, Fratur0, whom urnotindangr also faced at PLO. In these matches, Isildur1 lost $41k overall, $20k of it back to urnotindangr.

Isildur1's biggest pot of SuperStar Showdown part 2, $47k pot

Urnotindangr flops a straight against Isildur1's aces, $18k PLO pot

In the end, Isildur1 still was able to hold onto a ~$20k profit for the day. Let's hope his next SuperStar Showdown challenge is just as hard fought as this one was, whomever chooses to accept it.



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