Jens "Ingenious89" Kyllönen wins $1 million in yesterday's action

Jens Kyllönen

Jens "Ingenious89" Kyllönen became a huge winner in yesterday's Omaha PL $300/600 action, Jens has earlier won the EPT in Copenhagen and he has been playing on the high stakes limits for quite a while, even though he is only 21.

The Omaha PL $300/600 games was running pretty much the whole day and in was the unknown player ronnyr37617 from Switzerland who dominated from the start and was up more than $800k, a lot of this money came from Gus Hansen who was down close to $1 million but Hansen managed to win a couple of big heads up sessions against ronnyr37617 in the end of the day so his total loss was "only" -$427k, ronnyr37617 still managed to book a $186k profit:

ronny3761 is all-in on the flop and manage to hit the straight on turn two times, $147k pot
Gus Hansen and ronny37617 is all-in from the turn, $156k pot

The $300/600 tables was empty for a couple of hours before the action was back again and now it was all about Jens "Ingenious89" Kyllönen who totally killed the games and he left one table with over $500k and another table with close to $500k, his totalt profit yesterday was slightly over $1 million. Another Finish player who did very good yesterday was Patrik Antonius (+$590k). The largest loser in this game was skjervoy (-$1,1 million). This might surprise some people because Skjervoy has been very stable at the Omaha tables on both Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker the last years.

Ingenious89 hits a huge flop and easily takes home a huge pot against skjervoy, $186k pot
Ingenious89 wins another huge hand against skjervoy, a little more luck in this one, $255k pot

It seems like the players are a little more relaxed now, yesterday's $300/600 was for sure very exciting. Let us hope these games will continue and that the US-players is back in business as soon as possible.


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