Patrik Antonius and Jens Kyllönen biggest winners in April

Patrik Antonius dominated high-stakes online cash games after Black Friday.

Finnish players Patrik Antonius and Jens “Ingenious89″ Kyllönen have really stepped up at the high-stakes online cash games on Full Tilt Poker after Black Friday.

Patrik Antonius won the most in April, $2.320.431, while Jens "Ingenious89/Jeans89" Kyllönen was the second biggest winner with around $1,4M in winnings.

Kyllönen reviewed his April heater just a while ago in his blog, and told that he actually won more than $1,4M, the actual number being $1,73M.

Two biggest losers in April were instead Andreas "skjervoy" Torbergsen (-$1,5M) and Gus Hansen (-$964K), see all the highstakes results from April here.


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