Finally some Texas NL action on FTP

It has been very calm on the Texas NL tables on Full Tilt Poker this month but yesterday we had some very nice action.

FinddaGrind played 4 different $200/400 sessions and won $132k:

FinddaGrind beats OMGClayAikens pair of queens, $156k pot
FinddaGrind hits a very nice turn, $110k pot

We also had a pretty crazy session with TerrorOfSweden, he played against OMGClayAiken and was down alot in the beginning but he worked himself back in the game and won about $90k

TerrorOfSweden beats OMGClayAiken AQ with a lucky turn, $71k pot
TerrorOfSweden wins a very nice hand with QJs, $97k pot

He also won some smaller hands against mjorgensen13 before he left the table with a very nice $200k stack with a total profit of $120k

To see the complete resulst from yesterdays sessions: Click here



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