Skjervøy closes in on $900k profit at PokerStars this year

PepperoniF back to winning ways
Blom, heavily involved in yesterdays action

Andreas “Skjervøy” Torbergsen is having a great year over at PokerStars, and is close to $900k in profit. During yesterdays action Torbergsen banked a total profit of $69k, wiping out other losses during the day with a near $100k session vs Isildur1 at the $50/$100 PLO tables.

Over the past couple of months Skjervøy has managed to completely eradicated his total yearly deficit having lost a total of $628k over at the highstakes tables at Full Tilt earlier in the year.

Skjervøy’s biggest hand vs Isildur1Isildur1 is drawing dead to a 4 holding a lower two pair and flush draw.

In other action yesterday Isildur1 performed his usual trick of bagging a decent ($80k) win against le kork only to almost instantly give it back, this time to Skjervøy. Add to this his $48k losses late in the day to arch rival PepperoniF and a few little sessions here and there and Mr Blom left the days play a $41k loser.

PepperoniF wins the biggest hand of his session vs Isildur1PepperoniF traps Isildur1 with his flopped boat

The aforementioned le kork, last month’s biggest online cash game winner was the biggest loser in yesterday’s action showing a $172k deficit counting a couple of sizeable losses to both Isildur1 and MrSmits.


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